Are you Mentor material?

We need YOU to help make a difference in the life of an area youth. Kinship of Cumberland and Turtle Lake offers different mentoring opportunities for adult partners to be matched with a child in need of a mentoring relationship. In addition, we offer opportunities for outstanding youth in our community to support our program and mentoring relationships through our Kinship of Cumberland and Turtle Lake Youth Ambassador Program. Your dedication, presence, and consistency is appreciated and valued by your Kinskid, by the Kinship program, and by your mentees family. Your willingness to take action can help a child in our community grow, achieve, and chase their dreams! Share your talents, share your time, and see that you can make a difference too.

We have briefly outlined our three mentoring program opportunities below. If this sounds like something you can do or want to learn more about our programming, please visit our contact page to reach out to our office in a way that works for you. We look forward to you being on our Kinship mentor team!

Kinship Mentor: The traditional Kinship of Cumberland and Turtle Lake mentoring program matches adult partners (mentors) with a child/ren between the ages of  5-18. Traditional Kinship mentors volunteer to spend time with their KinsKid once a week for at least one year.  With just an hour a week, mentors can make all the difference in the success of youth in our community. Spending time with your Kinskid doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. You could visit the library, go for a walk, watch a movie together, go to a school sport event, make a meal together, go fishing, catch up with a phone call, play a board game… pretty much anytying! Just one hour a week- that’s about as long as one episode of your favorite TV show. In addition to activities you plan with your Kinskid, Kinship of Cumberland and Turtle Lake also coordinates many group activity opportunities throughout the year to help make spending time with your Kinskid easy! Together we can make a difference!. [Download the Kinship Mentor Application]

Power Lunch Mentor: Your lunch hour could be so rewarding! In coordination with the Cumberland and Turtle Lake School Districts, Kinship matches adult volunteers with children to share time over their regularly scheduled school lunch hour. Kinship’s Power Lunch program is a school-based mentoring program for children in the Cumberland & Turtle Lake School Districts- grades Kindergarten through Middle School. Power lunch was created in conjunction with the our local schools to help improve student literacy while enhancing self-esteem and communication skills. Volunteer adults go into the school to spend time reading or doing other fun activities during the child’s recess and then stay to eat lunch with them. Power lunch has a flexible schedule; mentors can meet their lunch buddies on any day of the week. Although meeting once per month is requested by the program, many of the volunteers enjoy their time so much; they go more than once a month. This is a rewarding experience for the mentor volunteer and the life changing opportunity to the child. Kinship’s Power Lunch program is always looking for volunteer mentors please contact the Kinship office if you would like to volunteer or want to learn more. [Download the Kinship Power Lunch Application]

Youth Ambassador: Kinship of Cumberland and Turtle Lake provides the opportunity for outstanding youth in our community to make a difference! Youth Ambassadors use their talents and time to support the mission of Kinship by volunteering to help with fundraisers and Kinship activities while displaying positive role model qualities. The Kinship Youth Ambassador Program is a great way for responsible youth in our community to help further the mission of Kinship and positively contribute to their community.  [Download the Youth Ambassador Application]


Do you know a youth that could benefit from a positive mentoring relationship? Visit our Referral Page to learn more about referring a youth to our program.


“Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.” -Josh Shipp