We have Kinskids in need of mentor matches!
Kinship Activity

The following children are just a few who are currently seeking a mentor. Become a mentor for what you can give, stay a mentor for what you receive!

  •  KinsKid 15 years old:  They are creative, shy, and loving, enjoys animals, drawing, and music. Looking for someone that is reliable, fun and understanding.
  • KinsKid 14 years old: They are friendly, honest, courteous and kind. They like drawing, music, playing games and laughing. Looking for a fun, kind, trustworthy, and more gentle role model.
  • KinsKid 9 years old: They are fun, silly, helpful, and loving. They enjoy art, baking and outdoor activities. Looking for a female mentor they can have fun and try new things with
  • KinsKid 13 years old: They are easy going, fun and caring. They like wrestling, video games and being with people. Looking for someone that is consistent and understanding.
  • KinsKid 12 years old: They are funny, loveable and helpful. They like going for walks, playing games and crafting. Looking for someone who is friendly, honest and outgoing.
  • KinsKid 14 years old: They are eager for a mentor and loves crafting, cooking, sports and reading. They want to be a teacher when they grow up. They enjoy music and will try just about anything.
  • KinsKid 10 years old: They like animals, outdoors and crafting. They are up to try anything once and is looking for a mentor to show them a world of new opportunities.
  • KinsKid 14 years old: They are easy going, funny and talkative. They love 4 wheeling and wants to try auto mechanics. They enjoy video games, fishing and all types of sports.
  • KinsKid 16 years old: They are willing to try new things and enjoys weight lifting, hunting, fishing, hiking, archery, camping and so much more. They are involved in golf and wresting at school and are close to their family.
  • Kinskid  15 years old: They are a fun filled kid and loves to chit-chat about pretty much anything. They love music, art and dancing. They also enjoy cooking, crafting, swimming and skating. She is ready to learn new things!