Kinship Crafting Night

Kinship of Cumberland and Turtle Lake strives schedule group activities and memorable events for Mentors and Kinskids to participate in all year long! In addition, through donations and our community partners, many of these activities are made possible at no-cost! When you become a mentor the Kinship Executive Director will be in communication with you about upcoming activity opportunities for you and your Kinskid to participate in.  Below you will see a sample calendar full of fun events for KinsKids and Mentors. These events are made possible by our community partners, donations, Mentors, Mentee Families, Our Board of Directors and the Kinship Executive Director.

2024 Kinship Activities

We’re still planning activities for 2024, but here are a few things that we’re working on!

June 2024- Minnesota Twins Game

August 2024- Rutabaga Fest Armband Day

December 2024- Northern Star Theater Play

2023 Kinship Activities

December 2023- Kinship provided vouchers for families to pick out Christmas Trees at Snowshoe Valley

November 2023- Crafting Night

October 2023- Pumpkin Painting

September 2023- Kinship Picnic at the Park

August 2023- Armband Day at Rutabaga Festival

June 2023- Twins game in Minneapolis

May 2023- Charlotte’s Webb play in Eau Claire