Kinship of Cumberland and Turtle Lake encourages every child to reach his or her highest potential through the development of one-to-one mentoring relationships which foster companionship and guidance, enhancing self-esteem and life skills.


What You Need to Know about Kinship of Cumberland and Turtle Lake!

Kinship of Cumberland & Turtle Lake is a non-denominational mentoring program that matches children, ages 5-15, with individuals and families who have the desire to help a child in their community.

Kinship promotes long-term friendships while encouraging low-cost or no-cost activities on weekly outings. Kinship mentors volunteer to spend time with their Kinschild once a week for at least one year.

Children in the Kinship program are voluntarily enrolled by a parent or guardian and live in the Cumberland or Turtle Lake School District.

The majority of the children come from single-parent homes that are racially and economically diverse.